*** Action 99 Cars Ultra Arm + woods + sunshine = An amazing day. Huge thanks to Dave Hammatt and his team for taking the Porsche across the Severn into Smaelog woods for some seriously fun and rewarding 2nd Unit work … Also great to see “The Acolyte” taking shape on Disney+. A strong 2nd Unit A camera Operator credit for me and really inspiring to work alongside a brilliant crew and shoot some iconic imagery!

*** Stumbled across this great BTS shot of me and Sam Jackson from the Secret Invasion ‘making of’ on Disney+. Director Ali Selim is masterminding the scene in the background.


*** Excellent start to the year as I’m out in Belfast Operating on 2nd Unit ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. Reunited with the formidable DIR/DOP Patrick Loungway its great to be working post-strike on a job that’s getting me some serious kudos with my kids 😉 Below are a collection of the portraits extracted from the ‘Biffa : what iff’ job I shot at the end of last year for Ben Stevenson. The job has been received well and showcases people that make up the company as it pushes to drive the circular economy – reduce, reuse and recycle …

*** Exciting news ! I am now being rep’d by George Rumsey at Independent Talent Group. After 13 excellent years being looked after by Kate Collier at Arricrew this great opportunity promises to open new doors as I concentrate on growing my Cinematography credits. Thanks to Kate for all the amazing support and encouragement as I’ve progressed from Camera trainee upwards xxx


*** What a strange year this has become! Before the strike I had a great year back on 2nd Units. Working as A Cam Operator on Lucasfilm’s “The Acolyte” 2 Unit and as B Cam Operator on “Heads of State” 2 Unit for Amazon Studios has been really fun. Highlights have included visiting a galaxy far far away in Madeira and shooting some high octane action in Trieste.

*** How Time flies !!! It’s been another super busy and really rewarding year. Highlights include experiencing ‘Radio Ridley’ whilst doing dailies on ‘Napoleon’ as well as Operating B Camera for Steve Windon ACS, ASC on ‘Fast X’. I had a great time shooting the Splinter Unit on Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Additional Photography for Eben Bolter BSC and a lot of fun collaborating with Jeremy Marinas for ‘The Beekeeper’ Action Unit. I saw the year out with another excellent collaboration with Ben Stevenson that took us to Istanbul and Bavaria. A huge thanks to all the crews that have played their part along the way 🙂

*** Well what can I say ? Just been too flat out to update the site for ages but pleased to get to it now 🙂 Been a great year consisting of Operating on Indiana Jones 5 2nd Unit, Aquaman 2 2nd Unit and Secret Invasion 2nd Unit. I also shot 8 x 15 second MG spots in 2 days for the eminent Peter Lydon, some fun Argos Idents for Coronation Street with Simon Ratigan of HLA and a successful first collaboration with Ben Stevenson for the Graphite Square development in Vauxhall. It’s been great getting more Russian Arm experience as well as Wire Rigs and Ronins on dollies – a new fave of mine …

*** Been a busy few months Operating on a number of exciting projects from Disney’s ‘Untitled Murder Mystery’ to Amazon’s ‘Citadel’ 2 Unit and Lucasfilm’s ‘Indiana Jones’ 2 Unit. Highlights have included Russian Arm, Wire Rig and Operating out of a helicopter as well as getting to know the RED Komodo and Ronin RS2 rig with the Nodo wheels – all great bits of kit to cater to all budgets !

*** Few cheeky little snaps from the Lina Maxine live performance promo I shot for Ja Humby of Molten Jets, great to get a 3rd collaboration under the belt with him. Thanks to Toby McKay of MCX films for sorting us out the Zero Optik Nikkors I’ve been longing to shoot on as well as Arri for the multi cam package. The job was made possible thanks to an amazing electrical dept headed up by Orlando Riches and Steadicam Op James Chesterton and 2nd Unit DOP Morgan Spencer. Stirling work all round !

*** The Familia Produced William Hill Cheltenham Commercial I shot 2nd Unit on is now live on Little Black Book. Was great to work alongside Cal Green again and play a part in bringing Francis Wallis’ vision to life. The challenge was to bring the energy and atmosphere of Cheltenham Races to the much smaller and less populated Towcester racetrack and furnish Francis with rushes he could intercut with archive footage. Thanks as always to Ryan Parkins and Ben Fote for all their top work. Click on pic below to see the spot …


*** Great review on Promonews for “Franc Moody Live in the Lift.” You can read it and watch it by clicking on the pic below. I recommend good headphones or big speakers to really enjoy this funky offering …


*** Coming soon : “Franc Moody Live in the Lift” Directed by Ja Humby, thanks to a great crew …

*** “The Bay of Silence” is out now, check it out to see some of the finest inserts and and B Cam Operating you could hope to see 😉 Great work by the lovely Dutch duo of Paula van der Oest and Guido Van Gennep NSC in bringing the psychological thriller off the page and onto the screen …

*** Great to get the Amazon debut with “Blood Sugar” going live. It’s taken it’s time getting here but is well worth the wait. Click the pic below to link to the viewing page …


*** Click the pic below to watch FLYTE perform a hypnotic live version of “Never Get To Heaven”. I’m sure you’ll agree the beauty is in the simplicity of both the song and the video. Thanks again to Jess, Ryan and Kieran for helping capture the campfire vibes with very limited time …


*** Here it is – The 3Mobile job I Operated on the Sony A7S3. I have to say it’s looking great, click on the pic below to enjoy some phone POV magic. Thanks again to Simon and Fed for having me and to Ian and Sabina for assisting me 🙂


*** SONY A7S3 is here and it’s … GREAT! Really lucky to get my mits on a pre-release camera last week on a job Operating for Fede Alfonzo on a Simon Ratigan job and I’m pleased to say it’s been worth the wait. Time to trade in the A7S2 and enjoy the 10 bit 422 4K magic the new one offers 🙂

*** Really great to get to shoot 3 ‘live performance’ promos in a day for F L Y T E to make up for lost shooting time during lockdown! Bramham Park in Leeds offered us 3 locations for 3 very different vids. A huge thanks to Arri for their support on this one, especially Rob Waters and Del Jones. Great work by Jess Doxey on the Trinity rig, Ryan Parkins on the knob and Kieran Waites Gaffering. Freddie Hall, as ever, was our intrepid Director. Below is a pic from our prep day and some frame grabs. Watch this space for more info about release dates …

*** Mega congrats to Ryan Parkins and his KBO PICTURES LTD sponsored Porsche for becoming the Porsche Club GB Sim racing champion ! Yes, it’s a thing and Ryan won it …

*** Nice shot of me at work as a Dailies Operator on ‘Artemis Fowl’. Directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh and lit by Haris Zambarloukos it’s out on Disney+ now …

*** A huge shout out to Vlad at Cheat for his top work grading the short film “Process”. Thankfully, his expertise hasn’t been stifled by lockdown! “Process” stars Sam Hazeldine as John Cross, a Process Server who is struggling to keep up with the physical and mental challenges he faces.

*** Here’s a bit of sunny fashion goodness to take our minds off the awful COVID-19 pandemic. Click on the pic below for the Charles & Keith Spring Summer 2020 pt II vid I shot for Michal Pudelka. Thanks to Ryan Parkins and the Teneriffe crew for all their help on this one …

*** Wonderful evening at the Everyman Broadgate for a triple bill of mine and Freddie Hall’s short films. Our latest “Blood Sugar” should be hitting the festival circuit soon, watch this space …

*** Here’s a couple of nice BTS pics, courtesy of Colin J Smith, from the trio of Shorts I shot in a week for Writer/Director George Jaques. Watch this space for news about “Tiny Dancer” “Cracked” and “Identity.” As ever a big thanks to all the great crew, Arri, Chapmans and Panalux for helping out …

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Here’s a nice pic, courtesy of Tommy Taylor’s Hassleblad, of me and the gang from “Infinite” 2nd Unit. L-R George Ambrose (Grip), Myself, Al Teale (Clapper Loader) & Paul Wheeldon (Focus Puller) – What a team 😉

*** Click below for a link to my Charles & Keith ‘Holiday 2019’ vid that I shot for Michal Pudelka. As ever, thanks to Arri for sorting the gear and to Ryan Parkins and Russel Torode for their top assisting …

*** Here is the “Best Man” poster as promised …

*** Great fun in Tenerife shooting the Charles & Keith SS20 campaign for Michal Pudelka. As ever, quality sharping by Ryan Parkins and a big thanks to the local crew Hector and Rafa for all their help. Massive shout to the gals at LG for Producing such a great shoot. Here’s me with the Camera in ‘fashion mode’ getting ready to roll …

*** Click on the poster to check out the trailer for ‘Beggar My Neighbour’ the short I shot for writer/director Bruno Hare …

*** Pleased to be able to share some frame grabs from the Ochirly Winter 19 vid I shot for Michal Pudelka. Vid to follow in the Fashion section soon …

*** Told you there’d be a “Blood Sugar” one soon …

*** Check out this poster for “Dead to the World” expect more for “Best Man” and the yet to be released “Blood Sugar” …

*** It’s been a busy few months with a great mix of Operating and DOP work. Here’s some pics of the Friendly Fires promo and the Ochirly fashion shoot. More work to follow …

*** Great fun collaborating for the first time with Director Tom Dream on Friendly Fires new promo ‘Silhouettes’. The track promises to be a Summer anthem for sure so keep your ears open! Here’s a nice shot of me bathed in some ‘sunset look’ light. As ever thanks to Arri for helping out …

*** Very excited to have joined the 2nd Unit on ‘Bond 25’ as the C Cam Operator. It’s great to be back with all my ‘SPECTRE’ chums on such a great project.

*** Had a great weekend shooting the moving image part of Michal Pudelka’s AW19 campaign for Chinese fashion label Ochirly. The brief required a mix of Steadicam and hand held, thanks to my great crew of Shaun Cobley ACO, Ryan Parkins and Russel Torode for their top work. Below is a pic of me trying to morph into an Alexa Mini …

*** Very proud to announce I have become an Associate ACO member for my work as a Camera Operator. You can see my profile by clicking the pic below and scrolling down to ‘W’ on the ACO site …


*** I’m pleased to be able to share a link to the Lucozade Sport Fruit Punch vids I shot for Chris Goulder at Darling. These short and sweet hidden camera spots feature Anthony Joshua getting involved with the distributon of the sports drink in his home town of Watford. Feedback so far is positive with a 5/5 rating on The Drum …

*** Been a busy month with a great mix of work. Highlights have included shooting Splinter Units’ on ‘Kingsman 3’ 2nd Unit and ‘Pennyworth’. It was great to collaborate with Michal Pudelka again on a fashion film for Thom Browne in Paris during fashion week. I had lots of fun shooting Chris Goulder’s first job now he’s rep’d by Darling and look forward to sharing it when it’s out – it’s a Lucozade spot featuring Anthony Joshua. It is also very nice to be reunited with the lovely Dutch combo of Paula Van Der Oest and Guido Van Gennep NSC on BBC’s ‘The Split 2’. Following on from shooting 2nd Unit and Operating B Cam on ‘Bay of Silence’ last year for them I am Operating B Cam on their block of the Drama.

*** I feel very honoured to be selected for the ‘Shot on Cooke’ gallery of cinematic excellence for the Matches Fashion ‘Everyday Beautiful’ vid. Click the pic below to see it on the Cooke website in all it’s glory. As ever my huge thanks to Rick Woolard (Steadicam) and Phil Hardy (Focus) for nailing this challenging “One-r” …

*** Click on the below pic for another glowing ‘Dead To The World’ review courtesy of those erudite folk at I’ll take the 4.5* for Cinematography and  4.4* Overall as recognition of a job well done by all involved 🙂

*** Click on the pic below to link to a great interview that Freddie had with Directors Notes about the making of ‘Dead to The World’:

*** Reviewing ‘Take it to the Streets’ the street food pilot I shot for Gray Hughes at RSA and wanted to share some framegrabs. The Arri Prime DNA LF’s really are wonderful! I wonder if the concept will get a commission …

*** Very excited that ‘Dead To The World’ is heading up the Featured section of my site now and chuffed with the 4/5* it’s gained over at UK Film Review. Click the pic to read …

*** VLAD has been doing well on the Festi circuit gaining Official Selection in the following Festivals so far: Los Angeles Cinefest 2019 // International Short Film Festival SFF 2018 // Roma Cinema DOC 2019 // London City Film Awards 2018 // 2018 Great Lakes International Film Festival // Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2018. Fingers crossed more will follow …

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR. Here’s to a great 2019. In the meantime a few pics of the way I rounded up 2018 as I’m aware there’s been a bit of radio silence!


*** Been a busy mixed month of fun since the last update. Highlights have included two visits to Ashcombe House, working with Freddie Hall on a project for Guy Ritchie. Shooting 2nd Unit on an Outsider produced ‘Quaker’ commercial for Fede Alfonso as well as shooting ‘Take it to the Streets’ my first project with Gray Hughes at RSA. Thanks a lot to Simon Surtess and Harriet Cannon at Arri for their support on this project and especially for the Prime DNA LF’s we got to shoot on; seriously nice glass 🙂 Finally, a couple of days Operating on the Splinter Unit of “Hobbes and Shaw” was a welcome education in the precision and technique of camera movement required on action films. Huge thanks to Olly Longcraine for sticking me in and all the advice, well done to him too for doing a great job lighting it …


*** Few Frame grabs from some work yet to be released:

*** “Blood Sugar” is my third collaboration with Freddie Hall and our most ambitious short yet. Shot over 2 days in Rockbourne Hampshire, it’s a dark comedy that Freddie co-wrote with Oli Kember revolving around Brotherly love (or duty?) , Pikies and a Twix bar. Thanks to all involved for such a great effort and as ever, watch this space …

*** Great first collaboration with Director Miles Blackett on ‘Get Enough’ a Promo for Milo Clare. Comprising of great ingredients of 1 small Jungle Garden, 30 CRT Tele’s and Slit Scan technique ensured that this video is a creative delicacy. Here’s a few Production stills and deffo watch this space …

***Can’t say too much for obvious reasons but had a lovely run out on “Wonder Woman 2” and really enjoyed getting to use the 43’ Hydrascope and Maximus 7 head, cheers to Dave Rist and the boys for all the support on that …

*** Nice bit of coverage in BSC Mag ‘Who’s shooting who”:

*** Was great fun to be involved as B Cam Op and 2nd Unit DOP on “The Bay of Silence” An Anglo/Dutch Thriller shooting in Italy and England. Guido Van Gennep NSC was the DOP and I loved working with him and his crew …

*** “Bay Of Silence” 2nd Unit – Waiting for the Ferry to leave port with Phil Hardy AKA studying the Me’n’U from the award winning neighbouring Curry house for late break. Yum …

*** Continued great times working as an additional Cam Op on “The Untitled Jack and Ellie Project” Directed by Danny Boyle and Lit by the legend that is Chris Ross BSC it promises to be a hit …

*** Shooting VFX Elements for “The Little Drummer Girl” BBC/Ink Factory’s TV adaptation of John Le Carré’s Spy Novel.

*** ‘Say can you see …’
… ‘Dead To The World’ is heading to the US as it has been accepted into the Palm Springs Short Film Festival. Really pleased that it has kicked off the Festi run with such a prestigious event. Let’s hope it’s inherent British charm stands it in good stead across the pond …

*** “Separating The Strains” is a Documentary looking at Epilepsy and Medical Cannabis. We’ve just shot 3 interesting and enlightening days of interviews with Politicians, Scientists, Ex Police officers and users of CBD Oil. Thanks to everyone involved for making it such an enjoyable shoot …

*** Lovely bit of sea air while shooting some establishers on the Untitled Danny Boyle Project. Cheers to a great crew who did a grand job given the conditions 🙂 

*** Nice bit of International recognition for ‘The Wind Cries’ as it’s gained Official Selection in the Shorts category of the LA based, Oscar accredited film festival Dances With Films. Find out more @ Dances With Films

*** Spare BnB just won ‘Best UK Web Series’ at Pilot light TV Fest 2018, that’s 2 “Best In’s” now – Top work everyone involved 🙂

*** Have just spent 3 amazing weeks Operating B Cam on Disney’s “Artemis Fowl.” Working with Haris Zambarloukos BSC GSC again has been such an incredible experience and I have learnt so much from the great man. Based on the novels by Eoin Colfer the first instalment should be in Cinemas’ in Autumn 2019. Watch this space …

PS: The tie was my offering for ‘Floral Friday’ as I didn’t have a shirt!

*** Got some great BTS pics from the Ramsay shoot earlier this week …

Not only is out now but it has been nominated for the Best Music Video Award at this years British Urban Film Festival, cheers to everyone involved.

*** “Dead To The World” is Graded 🙂 Top work form Jess Vile at Framestore for really maximising everybody’s hard work. I can’t wait for the screening and to see how it’s received …

*** Spare BNB has gained Official Selection at Dieseriale 2018 in Germany – Danke schoen to our Continental chums x

*** Really excited that ‘King Krule – Live on the Moon’ has been released by XL Recordings and Tru Panther Sounds. You can find the full Lunar fun under the Promo section of my site, but here’s a few frame grabs I really like:

*** As ever, I’m hugely grateful to Kodak for their support and Arri for accommodating us for Film vs Digital tests for an upcoming short film “Petra.” The talented Freddie Hall is directing Charlotte Hamblin’s challenging script, watch this space …

*** Thanks a lot to Andrew Prior at Arri for taking the time to educate us about Hand Cranking on Film and Digital. We got some great results looking at Multiple Exposure, Hand Cranking and Out of Sync Shutter for an exciting project that’s in the pipeline. Thanks to Kodak for helping out too 🙂 Here’s a few frame grabs:

*** Keep those bubbles flowing! Really proud to have scooped my first ‘Best Cinematography’ award. The laurel comes from the Alternative Film Festival Winter 2017 competition, fingers crossed it’s the first of many. Thanks again to all the shooting crew and to everyone who worked with us to realise our vision on 35mm Kodak stock.

*** Crack out the bubbles! Spare BnB picked up ‘Best Web Series’ at UK Web Fest 2017 last week. Huge congrats to Adam Lavis and Jo Smyth who poured a lot into bringing their co-created series to life, and a massive thanks to everyone involved. Click on below link to see what all the fuss is about …

*** Fascinating few days working alongside DNeg and Di4D shooting the VFX Performance Capture Unit for ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ at Leavesden. Joe Cornish’s new film is about a band of kids on an epic quest to thwart a medieval menace.

*** Lovely to get a pic in this month’s issue of BSC magazine and a nice bit of recognition on the BAFTA Crew website too …

*** Anonymous is Official Selection at the Austin Film Festival next week. Have to say our North American chums have a fine taste in short films if not Presidents …

*** A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…. Well, last week at Pinewood, I had the privilege of shooting the Micro Unit on “Solo : A Star Wars story.” Working under the Direction of John Swartz on Splinter Unit, ‘Sawdust Unit’ as we were dubbed picked up, inserted and lined up shots all in aid of completing the 4th film in the re-booted Star Wars space saga on time … What an amazing experience!

*** KING KRULE LIVE – Great first collaboration with Molten Jets’ James Humby on this Lunar Pop Promo. Shouts go out to a great crew on this multi camera shoot. Watch this space …

*** Sneak peek: here’s a few frame grabs from the 1st assembly of “Process” It’s looking like it’s going to be a good one. Sam Hazeldine is a force as John Cross, a Process Server for the National Centre for Domestic Violence.


*** Been busy – Lots of variety and lots to look forward to when it’s all out. Been working with some great Directors, Crews and getting to tell some interesting visual stories.

*** “SAVOY”  Re-teaming with Patrick Gather I just spent a great 3 days shooting some narrative based content for the Savoy Hotel in London. Thanks to everyone involved.

*** “And In a Way” // 舞踏 Butoh. Great first collaboration with Rob Baker Ashton shooting a Promo for Joseph Marshall’s track ‘And In a Way.’ Under a flyover in Stratford was the chosen location enabling Atsushi Takenouchi to captivate us with his Jinen Butoh. Watch this space.

*** “Dead to The World” Directed by Freddie Hall, this 15min short is guaranteed to get you chuckling. Thanks to a great cast, crew and an amazing location I know this will be an excellent follow up to our first collaboration ‘Best Man.’ Next up … Feature Film please 😉

*** Matches Fashion ‘AW17 by Balenciaga’ It’s great to be doing some fashion work again especially when the brief embraces darkness and Brutalist influences. Big shout-out to the Electricians who absolutely knocked their pipes out on this one. Rigging many practicals over 3 floors back to a lighting desk as well as a 16’x8′ light box all in one day was epic. Here’s some stills until the job goes live …

*** “Little Monsters” Dexter Fletcher, the absolute legend, graced our set for this fun (short) short about a young girl scared by what may be lurking beneath her bed. Simon Harris Directed a Danny King script and opting for a slightly kitsch-stylised look for this film was a welcome break from the norm. The cast and crew were amazing on this one day shoot …

*** 5 now 🙂 ‘Best Man’ has been selected into Aesthetica and The Smalls Film Festivals.

*** Check out the trailer for a comedy Web-Series I shot last Summer. ‘Spare BnB’ is a comedy anthology about the different guests that stay at the same london flat. Jo Smyth and Adam Lavis are the brains behind the outfit and I hope people enjoy watching it as much as I did shooting it …

*** 1st day of 4 shooting “Process” today. Starring Sam Hazledine and Directed by Patrick Gather it promises to be a challenging but worthwhile shoot dramatising the actions of a Process Server working for the National Centre for Domestic Violence.

*** Beethoven’s 9th 2nd Movement and a bank heist … Just spent a great 2 days shooting “The Wind Cries,” a Short Film written and directed by Alistair Marks that promises to be a good’un.

*** Really fun day collaborating with Alicia MacDonald on a Green-screen shoot for Sainsbury’s pet insurance. Starring Pugs, Labs, Spaniels and Cats it’s a fun nod to the 80’s Soap Opera opening credit bonanza’s of yester-year. Woof woof Meow meow.

*** EEFF17 screening of ‘Anonymous’ last night. Proud to announce it’s picked up a few more accolades: Cyprus International Film Festival, NY Lift-Off Online Festival, Best Narrative Short : Frostbite Online Film Festival. Hopefully more to follow …

*** Pleased to announce that the ‘Matches Fashion Everyday Beautiful’ shoot just picked up the Bronze Cinematography award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

*** Fun night at the screening of ‘Anonymous’ last night. The short was well received and it was great to catch up with the hard working crew. You can catch it at the East End Film Festival on the 17th June.

*** It’s the hat-trick! ‘Best Man’ is in the short film category for the British Independent Film Festival. Screening on May 13th, there is more info here:

*** “READ ALL ABOUT IT …” Kodak have written an article about my experiences shooting 35mm on ‘Shadows.’ Read the article here:

*** Had an excellent time Operating B Camera on a short for the brilliant Adam Suschitzky BSC this weekend. Written and directed by Charlotte Carroll ‘Red Crayon’ explores the traumas affecting young children in a UNHCR Refugee camp.

*** Exciting times as ‘Anonymous’ has been graded so soon I’ll be able to share it in all it’s glory. In the mean time here’s some frame grabs to whet your appetites. Thanks again to all involved.

*** Kodak interviewed me about my experiences shooting 35mm film on ‘Shadows’ short film. I’m very pleased we shot film on this WW1 period drama, here’s some frame grabs as the film is in the final stages of post currently.

*** Thought I’d share a few frame grabs from “Vlad” short film – What fun.

*** Shot my first Commercial of the year for Chicco baby brand today. Reunited with Markus Meedt, Director of the Soho Short Film ‘Anonymous’, the job was for Recipe. All I can say is Baby Freddy stole the show and was very well behaved, ensuring a very smooth shoot. (Thankfully!)

*** Just wrapped the Short Film ‘Vlad’ written and directed by Roger Oldham and Andrew Dobson. Filming on location in Bethnal Green the story is about an ageing Vampire fed up of eternal life. Thanks to everyone involved for making it a fun shoot.

*** The Content I shot for the new REVL App is on their site now:
Revl App

***FILM OF THE WEEK*** – ‘Best Man’ gains further recognition – this time from FILMSshort:

*** Wrapped as B Cam Operator on the Bare Films produced Cadbury’s Christmas campaign #Cadvent this morning. Infused and informed by the observational naturalistic sensibilities of director Chris Goulder and shot by my old friend and teacher Chris Clarke #Cadvent has seen us traverse the country helping children fulfil their Christmas wishes. All 24 are available for viewing here:

*** ‘The Sculptress’ I shot the teaser for back in October now has an online presence. A story about Barbara Hepworth, the project will hopefully film in 2017. In the mean time have a look here for some BTS stills and info …
‘The Sculptress’

*** Looks like ‘Best Man’ will be in good company at London Short Film Fest in Jan. Moth Club in Hackney will be hosting the Sketch Night and Live Comedy portion of proceedings. Tickets here:
‘Best Man’@Moth Club LSFF2017

*** It’s been a busy few weeks filming all manner of projects. Highlights have included shooting a pilot ‘The Sculptress’ for a film inspired by the life of Barbara Hepworth. Collaborating with the lovely Alicia MacDonald and The Wagon on some online content for a new app ‘Revl.’ Braving non-locked-off night time Soho streets (!) on Markus Meedt’s short film ‘Anonymous.’ Written by Mario Theodorou it’s about the changing face of Soho and the implications of gentrification on Mimi (Enzo Clienti), an aging transvestite.






*** “Hot of the press, read all about it!” Exciting times as I got my first mention in British Cinematographer Magazine’s ‘who’s shooting who’ section. This is due to the fact that the wonderful Kate Collier at Arri Crew has promoted me to DOP on Arri Crew’s books. Here’s to more column inches over the years 😉



*** IT’S OFFICIAL : ‘Best Man’ continues it’s successful roll gaining Official Selection in January 2017’s London Short Film Festival – Hurrah 🙂


*** IT’S OFFICIAL : I’m Delighted to reveal that Best Man has been accepted into the Official Selection of the 24th #Raindance Film Festival in London, taking place 21 Sept-2 Oct. Well done everyone involved and thanks for all your hard work on the short film.


Raindance 2016